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Reserve Our Facilities

North Arkansas College has several facilities for rent including conference rooms, classrooms amphitheater, and Pioneer Pavilion. Student organizations, college departments, and public and non-public groups can rent facilities provided there is no conflict with bg真人游戏注册 scheduled events and the usage and the event does not detract from the college mission. Call 870-391-3214 to reserve space for your event, meeting, or workshop, or fill out our online form with your event information.


South Campus
Classroom — $35 flat rate                         
Bennie Ellis Conference Room — $50 flat rate        

JPH Conference Center
JPH Conference Center (Entire Room)    
$80 for two (2) hours
$200 flat rate for full day

JPH Conference Center (Side A or B)
$60 for two (2) hours
$100 flat rate for full day 

Soccer Field
$25 per hour, up to two (2) hours
$100  flat rate for full day                                                                                 

Pioneer Pavilion
$120 up to two (2) hours
$200 flat rate for full day 

$300 per day (full or partial) 

Pioneer Wilderness Trail & Disc Golf Course
Free for use

To confirm availability and reserve the trail/course for a sporting event, contact bg真人游戏注册’s Special Events Manager. No setup or support staff will be provided for events or the trail/course. Users are required to obtain a signed liability waiver, holding bg真人游戏注册 harmless, from all participants in the sporting event. The proposed waiver must be presented to, and approved by, the Special Events Manager two weeks prior to the scheduled event.  

Additional Charges:
Basic AV Fee — $25 half day and $50 for full day (includes: projector, screen, podium, microphone, internet & laptop connections)
Setup Change Fee — $25 per additional setup
Excessive Cleanup Fee — $25 per hour
Damage Fee — Cost of repairs to facilities (cost and labor)
*Supplemental AV Services, including live video, will require a contract by a third party.
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